Review: Yoyo Skincare

New brand on the block Yoyo skincare is a fabulous new brand dedicated to looking after the skin of tweens and teens.

Yoyo Daycream
A creamy and thick textured formula that contains balloon plant which makes the cream an anti-inflammatory. I found with this a little goes a long way, for a day cream it feels fairly thick but it soaks in very very quickly, I found I preferred the thick formula as it felt more nourishing and moisturising on the skin. I used this every morning and night after I washed and toned my skin. I found applying more at night time was really beneficial and really quenched my skin. I have to say I really love this daycream, it's very gentle which makes it absolutely perfect for sensitive tween and teen skin and the smell is very subtle but it smells very clean and fresh.

Body wash
Body wash is a cleansing necessity so it's important to make sure you have one that's effective and kind to skin. Usually I am a fan of amazing smelling body washes, however this one from Yoyo doesn't not really have a smell. The scent is like the daycream is very very subtle but clean smelling. I think having a subtle scent like this is actually a good thing especially for tweens, you don't want anything too grown up. This body wash contains liquorice which helps to reduce redness and stinging meaning the skin is gently cleansed as well as soothed too. I found this was a great bodywash to use, I personally would have liked a bit more of a fun smell, but for tweens I think this is great!

Overall my experience with Yoyo skincare has been very positive, my skin felt very clean and fresh. I think the only negative with Yoyo is the price. For tween and teen skincare it's on the higher end of the price spectrum. However it does use premium ingredients and it's all made in the UK which make the price more of an investment.