Buzzing Around

I have a lot of Beeswax candles, but lately I have been trying more Beeswax products. I am always intrigued about Beeswax, it's not you usual run of the mill beauty product ingredient, but it's becoming more popular and I think that's a good thing, as there are a tonne of benefits from Beeswax.

The Benefits:

  • Natural and gentle. It's considered suitable for all skin types.
  • Has hydrating properties. It helps to moisturise and hydrate the skin as it helps to lock moisture into the skin.
  • It has a good texture and smell to put in cosmetic products, this makes the product more appealing.
There are now quite a few Beeswax brands out there, but I have chosen my top three. These have the nicest products in my opinion and are part of my regular routine.

Filbert's Bees
Started in 2008, Filbert's Bees have been growing and growing. It has a brilliant range of products and salves from body butter to lip balm. It all comes in this very cute and dashing packaging which I am a big fan of. My favourite product from the brand is the Citrus & Rosemary Hand Salve. It contains Almond, Olive and Avocado which all nourish the hands, prevent dryness and leave the hands feeling as soft as soft can be (really so soft and smooth). It comes in a concentrated block, which took my by surprise originally but now I love it. To use it you have to have wet/damp hands. It makes the perfect thing to take away when travelling as there is no chance of leaks or spills because it's a solid!

Bee Good
Also born in 2008 (clearly a good year) by a great husband a wife team. They have a range of products for all your skincare needs.  My favourite product is the Honey & Wild Water Mint 3 in 1 cleansing water. This is what I take if I am staying at a friend's or my Dad's house. It cleanse and tones as well as removing my makeup. I use it as more of a toner after I have cleansed using a facial wash, as I just don't feel it cleans my skin as well as a facial cleanser, but as a makeup remover and toner it is 'The Bees Knees' (I am so punny). I love how it doesn't dry out the skin at all, it's really a brilliant product to use.

Burt's Bees
This brand doesn't really need an introduction. It's wildly known for it's products and it really has all your skincare and cosmetic needs, from makeup to moisturiser! My favourite by far is  Lip Shine.
It just might be the nicest smelling and shiniest lip gloss I own. It smells like strawberry laces, which for a sweet addict like myself is kryptonite! It lasts for ages and the shade is just gorgeous, the shade is 'Blush' and it's natural with just a flush of colour. Perfect for school or college.


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  2. All for natural products more the better. Anything that encourages more use of bee products can only be a good thing .
    Just need to encourage more younger people to take up bee keeping.