Back To School Essentials

One of the most exciting things about going back to school, sixth form or college is the stationary! For me, I get more excited about stationary than I do clothes. With all the excitement of going back to school (and to take my mind off the fact my GCSEs results day is looming) I have got the 'Back To School Essentials' these are the grooviest, cutest and most Kitsch bits and bobs for school, that will make that boring maths lesson a little bit more exciting!

My main stationary crush right now is Happy Jackson. Happy Jackson not only does some of the coolest stationary around it also has awesome lunch boxes, makeup cases and grooming kits. Each Happy Jackson item is so colourful and bright and each has a lovely, funny and witty sentence or slogan on it. My favourite of the items has to be the notepads. I always have a notepad on me, even if I am shopping in London or on a train or standing in the airport. I get some of my best ideas in random places and being the forgetful person that I am, I can never usually remember my idea by the time I get home. Having a notepad when I am out and about means I can jot stuff down and actually remember it! The 'Random Crap' notepad is pretty perfect for my travels, it's A5 so it's not too big and not too small, it's also a hard back, so everything is always protected and it's front slogan pretty much says the content.
For school and college the large Jotters are perfect! The have colourful edges, they are funny and big enough to write lecture notes, essays and even to do long division in too!

Organisation is something I have had to learn, especially going though my GCSEs. I found I was much more organised when I had pretty stationary, as I wanted to use it. These folders from Happy Jackson are perfect, especially for any students going into examinations or like me sometimes struggle to be organised! I love the  'there is a fine line between genius and madness' folder, I find very relatable. The top two are perfect for keeping homework and notes flat and not bent, and they slide right into the school bag! I only wish I had them when I was doing my art GCSE, it's perfect for keeping art work flat! Folders are perfect, they help to look after work and separate it, so you know which work is for which subject.
The pencil case is like the cherry on top of the cake. This yellow pencil case might be my favourite pencil case I have ever owned! I can't wait till the start of term just so I can use this case! It's funny and so bright that you won't lose it easily! I tested it out, it's really durable and it fitted in my pencils, my pens, some of my art markers  plus rubbers and rulers. It fits everything you need, it's like a tardis! You will totally be the envy of your entire physics class with this groovy case.

How cute are these pencils? They are by Dottie Rocks and are personalised for me! Most of you know that I am a massive Beatles and Wes Anderson fan so here are 4 pencils (3 with Wes Anderson quotes from my favourite films and 1 with Beatles lyrics on). What I love about these is they are unique so nobody else will have them! The go perfectly with my pencil case and almost make maths exciting!

What's your stationary must have?

*These Were PR Samples - But ALL Views Are My Own*


  1. amazing!! I bought a lunchbox from happy jackson and I just love it but now I want to buy more!

    niamh /

    1. You should, it's the cutest stationary ever!

  2. cute stuff! i'm obsessed with stationary too! x

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

  3. I'm a stationery obsessive, glad to see I'm not the only one. This stuff is so cute, I especially love the notebook and pencils! xx