Back To School Beauty Essentials

Ah it's that time of year again, it's time to start thinking about going back to school or college. Hasn't the summer just flown by? I think one good thing about the end of summer is that it always calls for a back to school shopping trip, and I can never say no to that! I have found that for those beauty essentials Click Fragrance is the best place to go. It has a great array of products from big brands that are really affordable to us teens and students.

Now that I am turning 17 and GCSEs are over (yes they are finally over, no more waiting on results either) I can look ahead to sixth form or college. This is when I can finally wear my own clothes, style and more importantly I can have my nails whatever colour I want! In all my excitement I couldn't pick a single nail colour, in the past 11 years of my academic life I have never been able to have groovy coloured nails. So instead of picking one shade I picked 6. Bourjois Paris Collector 6 mini nail enamels in Colour Block. From blue to Orange, these nice minis are perfect for me. They have a great formula that doesn't chip easily and lovely shine when they dry too. I found that there pigmented formula only needed one coat on average two maximum!

I want to stay fresh at college, I may not being PE any more but that doesn't mean you don't need a good fragrance in your bag. The key to buying a good fragrance for your school bag is finding one that's casual and goes well with pretty much everything (even school uniform). My top pick would be Escada Island Kiss (limited edition). It's playful and really fruity which makes it the perfect scent for casual wear and really suitable and great for a teen girl. Plus the bottle is really cute, and due to the slim shape it would fit into a pocket of a school bag with no problem. A 30ml bottle for £19.49 is great value and the size will last you most of the year too.


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  2. Both look like lovely products! I love the Escada bottle :)

    Style Sunrise☀


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