The Contemporary Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw is known and loved for her curly hair and amazing walk-in closet. She is the envy of most fashion loving teens and adults. With the TV and book series ‘The Carried Diaries’ and ‘Sex and The City’ Carrie has found a place in so many of our hearts, but given the chance I am sure we would kill for her shoe collection.

Carrie is this charismatic and warm hearted girl from a small town who fell in love with the big city, and it turns out that the big city fell in love with her. Her and New York fitted perfectly together, both had this unique and niche vibe to them that when put together, led Carrie to her dream job, my dream job, many other fashionable teen’s dream job. Fashion journalism.

Carrie’s career started in the 80s, back when computers were still giant boxes, when the movie rating PG-13 was created, when Jim Henson’s Labyrinth came out (starring David Bowie) and of course not forgetting when perms were in. Times have clearly changed since the 80s for starters we have mobile phones, the devices that keep us constantly connected at all times (unless you don’t have 3G then you are screwed).

I am envious of Carries gorgeous locks and rocking job, so I have created a guide that I am using to be become 'The Contemporary Carrie Bradshaw' this guide will accompany me through the Summer as I have plenty of time to write, why not let it accompany you too?


In The Carrie Diaries, Carrie has this very 80s black bag, and when her sister spills nail polish on it, she turns the ugly mess and splatter of polish into this unique and personalized bag, she didn't know if it would look good, but she tried… and guess what it landed her an internship at Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.
When I think of grown up Carrie, there is one outfit I think of. The T-shirt and Tulle skirt, something I used to believe only a  five year old dressed as princesses could pull off, I was clearly mistaken, as this outfit was drop dead gorgeous. I would never have experimented with this outfit, but Carrie did and she looked amazing.

With experimentation you don’t have to go crazy, you don’t have to go all mad scientist; it’s more trial and error. It’s about finding the right style the right genre and just in general finding the right you. You will be happier and who cares what those judgmental people think, if you are happy in your own skin nothing can stop you and that’s something that will get you far and noticed.

So get out that top that you have been too scared to wear, or find a pair of your old jeans and make it into a mini skirt. It’s where that super cheesy life lesson comes in handy ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’


Fashion work experience and internships can be unbelievably hard to come by, and if you don’t live around London it’s even harder. That doesn't however mean it’s impossible, sometimes it’s the case of knowing the right people, other times contacting as many work places you can find will help. Always have a digital portfolio ready to send across, and even if you are rejected, don’t worry about it. Shrug it off and get back out there, wallowing won’t get you an internship, but hard word, commitment and determination will.

There is though, a secret option when it comes to experience. Make your own. The bloggersphere is now teeming with bloggers, writers and online magazines. It’s so easy to create a blog, you can literally do it in five minutes, and if I (the technophobe who can break a computer at the click of a mouse) can do it, so can you.

Creating a blog, is probably the best move I have ever done, not only has it given me experience in journalism, it’s given me experience in PR and marketing too. You will honestly never know where your blog might take you, but with the right attitude the possibilities are endless. Soon you’ll find this DIY work experience will lead to actual work experience and internships, it really is a door into many different corridors.

Haters are going to hate

By being a journalist it means that you are putting your opinion out there, and by having an opinion you will offend or possibly spark a debate with others. Sometimes people might get jealous or just generally disagree with everything you write about. So what. We can’t all get along now, can we? The best thing to do is to take the high road, be polite and don’t fight back, because it might side track you from your goal. Remember the world's population over 7 billion people it's inevitable that you will agree and disagree with somebody.


Sometimes not getting to where you want to be is disheartening. It can be depressing and it can make you feel pretty blue. The thing that I have found is, to plow through it, the more work and dedication you put into your writing, the better it becomes, the better you become and therefor the happier it makes you. You have to keep working; no magazine wants somebody who isn't committed or dedicating, so prove that you are through your writing.

Carrie has had her ups and downs, from getting jilted at the alter by Big to having boy dramas with Sebastian, but when there are downs there are always ups, and you will experience the exact same thing. There might be some set backs but there will also be some incredible moments that remind you how much you love fashion journalism, things that make you smile uncontrollably. I guess whatever happens though write about what you believe and don’t change your views because you think yours are “untrendy” or clash with somebody else’s.

If you are a lucky thing blessed with Carrie’s gorgeous blonde curls I am jealous, and if not please please please remember perms belong in the 80s.


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