Review: Nail HQ

I love painting my nails, there is something therapeutic and relaxing about it, but that just might be because I am a beauty blogger. However my nails get a bit tired from constantly being painted with both normal polish and shellac, so I have been trying Nail HQ products to give my nails some TLC.

Gel Top Coat (£6.49)
Since I use Shellac a lot, this intrigued me, the idea of a top coat giving the same effect of shellac is exciting especially since shellac is expensive and can sometimes make your nails brittle. You can see in the photo the Gel Top Coat has a slight blue tint to it where the light is hitting it. This top coat contains optical brighteners which help add a glossy finish. I did find that this top coat was great for glossy nails and really helped to prevent any chipping. I did find that it was a very thick polish to use which made it quite hard to apply.

Base Coat (£5.99)
One of the things I most hate about painting my nails is when my nails get stained from the polish. This base coat is perfect, no stain insight.  I found it really strengthened my nails and helped the polish stay on that bit longer without chipping.This base coat is specially formulated to assist the adhesion of nail enamel. The base coat is sticky for optimum colour application however I found do to the stickiness it took longer to dry and smudged much easier, which meant there was not an even surface to paint on.

Ridge Filler (£5.99)
This is specially formulated for weak and brittle nails, which is exactly what my nails are. It's in a very light pinky colour and it creates a perfect smooth base to apply coloured polish over the top or to simply leave by itself. The formula is very hydrating and moisturising which helps with nail regrowth. I did find it was not as good as a base coat, so if you have brittle nails that need a bit of TLC this is perfect, but I don't recommend colour over the top, I found by itself  it was much more beneficial and powerful.

Despite some tiny little negatives, I think Nail HQ have nailed it!

*These were PR Samples - ALL views are my own*


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