Parisienne Shorts Meets London Legs

Top - Johnnie B* || Shorts - Leshort* || Watch - Swatch
There has finally come a time where I can have my (pale) legs out and not feel the cold, a time where my skin turns red as soon as I walk into the sun and a time where I have an excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Being a person who often feels the cold, my Summer wardrobe has been a bit...lacking, but these gorgeous shorts from Le short have really brightened up my wardrobe. To tell you the truth I didn't even own a pair of shorts until these blue beauties showed up on my doorstep. Of course I have owned pairs of shorts before, but what can I say I am was a skirt and dress gal, I always thought with skirts and dresses that I can wear thick wooly tights for winter and when it's Summer (if I am feeling brave) go bare legged. Now after owning two pairs of Le shorts, I am seeing that I can be a short gal too. I found I can wear tights underneath and go bare legged with these blue beauties.
Each pair of shorts from Le short are made from authentic Liberty Of London fabric and they are all made in France. Le short stock a lovely range of Men's trousers to Women's shorts, playsuits and trousers. The designs are fun, quirky and girly making them perfect for any summer lover.
My shorts are from the cruise collection and are called 'Eloise' they have the Eiffel tower printed on them and are edges with white cotton lace.

Summer is the perfect excuse to wear bright colours and this Johnnie B top is perfect to create a great Summer vibe. With a gorgeous scalloped neckline and floral pattern it is the perfect top for Summer. The pink and blue got perfectly together and create a girly and playful look. This top is the perfect statement and is very eye catching, not only does it pair well with bright blue, it will go with more muted and subtler tones too making it really versatile too.
To finish off this playful outfit, I had to wear my Swatch watch which totally looks good enough to eat (but don't, I assure you it's plastic). I have been wearing this quite a lot over the last couple of weeks and I am constantly asked 'Can I eat it?' 'Why haven't you eaten that yet?' and 'Is it real?' it has fooled quite a lot of friends and people, I love it! It's so cute and really playful, and despite it being a whole rainbow of colours it really does go with a lot!


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  2. That outfit is quite different to what you usually wear but I absolutely love it, the shorts look fantastic on you! Love your blog!