My Skincare Ritual

It's really important to have a skincare ritual, it helps to keep the skin in good shape and just care and look after it.

So what should make up a skincare ritual or routine?
 1)     Cleanser – A cleanser will remove impurities, dirt and bacteria that has built up through the day. It will cleanse deep into the pores and refine the skin too.
2)     Toner – This will cleanse the skin too, but it will help remove makeup and dead skin cells as well as preparing the skin ready for moisturising.
3)     Moisturise – Moisturising will hydrate and moisten the skin, it gives it nutrients and will help the skin to stay healthy, glowing and elastic. Picking one with an SPF will be really beneficial too.
4)     Spot Treatment – Using tea tree or a spot stick on those troublesome breakout areas will help minimise the spot, and hopefully ensure it disappears as fast as possible. Try use a spot treatment with salicylic acid for great results.

So what's in my ritual? 

My cleanser is by Dermalogica's Clear Start range, which is specific for teens. It's great for combatting breakouts while still being gentle on the skin. I love how little you need, a little goes a really long way with this. Another aspect that I really like is how foamy it is, it's really nice to lather up. I use this both morning and night, it's my go to cleansing product.

Toner is something I only recently started using, it's not as vital in a cleansing routine as a cleanser, but I have taken to using it to make sure all of my makeup is completely off. This Burt's Bees toner is perfect. It's gentle, natural and smells great! This products is perfect to take away, it's great for a quick cleanse.

Moisturiser is something I use twice a day. Mine is from Gr8 Skn, it's very light which is perfect for my oily skin. It absorbs really quickly and hydrates my skin. It's filled with anti-oxidants so it's great for the skin too.

When I am suffering from a break out, I used my Elemis Treatment Gel, it's fast acting on my pimples and not to harsh. It's a perfect thing to keep in a school bag or bag so you can keep the breakouts at bay.

Everyone's skin has different needs and wants, so it's important to find products that work for you. Mine have been keeping my skin in shipshape condition.


  1. What kind of skin do you have? That's probably one of the biggest things that I have learned is that you really need to tailor your skincare to your skin type! I really want to try gr8skin products because of their cute packaging.

    1. Mine is oily, and I totally agree it's vital to tailor your skin routine, which is what I say in my last paragraph. It's super cute, and they have lovely products x

  2. Hi Mia, I'm glad that you love Hydrate, our light moisturizer! I personally use it daily myself. Thanks for the compliments on our packaging--a lot of work went into the design and in addition to that, the packaging is recyclable and uses post-consumer materials. The airless pump keeps out light and oxygen which is how we are able to create effective products without harsh chemicals. For anyone interested: check out our full product line at


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