Hello Paul Smith

When it comes to inspiration, creativity and quirkiness in the fashion industry Paul Smith is your man. Watching 'Paul Smith Gentleman Designer' on Sunday gave me a wonderful insight in to Smith's world, office and life. The documentary also got me thinking back to when I saw 'Hello My Name Is Paul Smith' when it first opened. I never wrote about my trip to the Deign Museum, but after seeing this insightful film by Stephane Carrel I think it's time to say Hello to Paul Smith.

With a running time of an hour, this short snippet into Smith's world creates an inspirational feeling and vibe for the viewer, it gives you the sensation of creativity and aspiration. Smith started out with no qualifications and wanting to be racing cyclist, but after a bad accident and 6 months in hospital Smith had to re-think his path in life. Whilst in hospital he met various different people, and met up with some when he was back on his feet, they met at a local pub that was popular with art students. The students talked of Pop Art, Bowie, David Bailey and more. Smith then knew he wanted to become part of this world (who wouldn't?)

Watching the film, I realised you could learn a lot from Paul Smith. For starters sometimes things need to go bad before the good things happen. Smith shows this thoughtful, fun and eccentric persona which could make anyone smile. He has the most refreshing and positive outlook on life which I wish more people had.

One big trait you can learn from Smith is inspiration. If you follow his Instagram you will know that it's constantly being updated with images and a lot of them have the caption #TakenByPaul. These images are taken all by Smith as he goes about his life and adventures across the world. Sometimes it could be a simple thing like a postbox, sometimes a man sleeping at a Parisienne cafe and sometimes an Italian street market. Smith sees prospect, beauty and inventiveness in spectacular objects and settings to the mundane and everyday things we take for granted.
His views on seeing beauty in simplicity can go way back to when he first started making and designing clothes. With only enough money to buy simple and plain fabrics, Smith need to think of a selling point, what would make his shirts unique? For him it was adding colourful buttons.

As Smith's success grew, his fan base did too. In the film I was shocked at how much Japan loved him and his fairly traditional English designs. Trends, target markets and customers are changing and I am really impressed with how capable Smith is to adapt to the fashion demands of young adults, taking inspiration from people and places like Bowie in Berlin he and his design team are able to create an eccentric, fun and modern collection that are popular with many generations.

If you are indeed of inspiration, motivation or a look into the world of Paul Smith, watch the trailer below. I really enjoyed the film, and I was left feeling completely inspired and a little bit determined too!

If you have not seen Paul Smith Gentleman Designer, you must. It shows gorgeous clothes, and an amazing room full of toys and trinkets as well as the passion, inspiration and creativity of Paul Smith.
It's available on Netflix, but if you haven't jumped on the Netflix bandwagon yet  you can get the DVD off amazon.


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