A Guide To Nowhere In The Summer Time.

The countryside can be an inspirational, beautiful and tranquil place, but at the same time it can be incredibly boring. Especially with buses being a rarity and my village being surrounded by hills, sheep and cows. Luckily I do have a train station despite it being located in the middle of a field which is filled with cows, and it is only a 40 minute journey into Euston, but with train times being intermittent and prices at £14 for a one way, I have had to adapt to living in the middle of nowhere. For those of you lucky peeps who live in a slightly more exciting area whether it be a town or a city, I am incredibly jealous of you. For those of you like me and only see green hills as far as the eye can see, I have your back, I have created a guide of things to occupy you this summer.

On The plus side it does make a great dog walk.

1)     Start blogging, creating my blog was a summer activity back in July 2012, and it’s probably the best thing I have ever done, I love to write, it gives me something to do and actually gives me a reason to go into London at lot more, not to mention the great shopping excuse of “I’m a blogger, I need it!”

2)     Pool party!! By this I actually mean paddling pool party! Order one of Amazon, get a couple of friends round, fill up that inflatable circle and get paddling! This activity is weather permitting, and being that our British summer usually consists of rain it makes this activity fairly hard.

3)     TV Binge. I am talking Pretty Little Liars, Castle, Once Upon A Time, Firefly, Bob’s Burgers and Adventure time! The best thing about this is all you need is popcorn you don’t even have to get dressed.

4)     Get fit. The good thing about living in the countryside is it’s the perfect area to go on to runs. Grab your trainers and make a running playlist then away you go.

5)     Summer project. This could be anything, drawing, cooking, writing anything you fancy, throw yourself into it.

6) Get creative with Sims. Create a kingdom, or your future self. You can do almost anything and have so much fun. You can random or strategical when creating your sims life, but either way you will pass the time. 


  1. I'm a city gal but to tell you the truth, it's not always as fun as you think! I sooo crave living a field-and-me experience where you can look up at night and actually see the stars because you don't have those monstrous, energy sucking buildings emitting light all night. Really cool ideas that are actually enjoyable!


    1. I do love the country but being stuck there for 10 weeks can make you go a tiny bit insane! Haha thank you so much! :)

  2. How about Gecaching. Loads of fun and a real treasure hunt!

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