Yes To

Yes To, is a brand I have heard lots about. First impressions were very good, I loved that each vegetable or fruit helped the skin in a specific way or was tailored for a skin type. For example Yes To Carrots is great for normal to try skin. I also found that neither products smelled bad like carrots or tomatoes, there was a fresh hint of it, but both smelled great!

Yes To Tomatoes, was my favourite there is nothing I like better than to have a relaxing face mask on and to read my magazines whilst it's drying. This was for combination skin, I found this was really perfect for my teenage oily skin. It visibly cleared blackheads and refined my pores, but it was not too harsh on my dry patches. It contained 95% natural ingredients and smelled really fresh! My skin didn't feel tight or itchy afterwards either (sometimes after face masks my skin does). It fits into my routine really rather nicely, I use it once every week to blast away my black heads and give my skin some TLC.

I am one of those very pale people who burns at the smallest glimpse on sunlight, today I successfully burnt my arm! It is so red, sore and dry, but I have been applying lots of my Yes to Carrots Super Rich Body Butter, and it is so cooling, and really really helping the dryness! So If you are like me and burn easily this is the perfect investment to help sooth your skin after. I haven't just been putting it on my sun burn, I use it every day after I get out the shower. It keeps my body hydrated and happy, making my skin smooth and much healthier looking, it really does look great! It's also the perfect thing to use after you have shaved your legs, it nourishes and looks after the skin.

The only negative I can find is the price. It's all a little pricey for a teens budget, but there are visible results in both products, so I think it is worth the investment.

*This was a PR sample - but ALL views are my own*


  1. Definitely a brand I want to try.
    Miss BOWS

  2. My favorite's are the yes to cucumber facial wash. Loved reading your post x