The Perfect Summer Jeans With Levi's (sponsored post)

You would have seen so so many SS14 catwalks filled with denim, some was acid washed and frayed others ripped and torn. Denim is defilingly a necessity for Summer whether it be trendy Mom  jeans or a versatile denim jacket, denim is a big trend for Summer. So what brand could be better than Levi's this summer? Even some celebrities are already on board with Levi's this summer including Cara D and Haim.

Levi's will be perfect for festival season, and will look great with that festival obligatory kimono. Levi's however are taking this denim trend to the max and it's all taking place in their flagship store on Regent's street. So what are they doing? Well Levis will be offering alterations, monogramming, adding patches, repairs and taperin to give you the coolest and most unique pair of jeans ever. If that's not cool enough they have also teamed up with a renowned graphic artist to create bespoke embroidery designs that are perfect for festivals! You will be the best dressed at any festival!

What I was pleasantly shock by, was that it's totally affordable to get your Levi's customised. Customisation prices range from £5-£15 and limited edition embroidery designs will range from £10-£50.

I am actually pretty excited about this, it's a great idea and a fantastic twist on a summer trend which will give you some niche and exciting jeans.

Check out this link to see if you have any customisable activities in your nearest store!

*This was a sponsored post-but ALL views are my own*


  1. okay this customisable thing is such a great idea! I lirerally live in my vintage cut off high waisted levi shorts and am desperate to get some high waisted mom style jeans, so I'll definitely have a look into this! such a nice idea to make such a staple more unique:) xxo

    1. I know it's so great! :) xxo

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