Falling Head Over Heels For Endless Love

I am not just a Wes Anderson and Hitchcock girl, give me a good romantic film and I will be as happy as a bear with honey. Last week I curled up in front of my TV to watch Endless Love with my pooch cuddled next to me, it is one of the most enjoyable romantic films I have watched lately. It had everything; young love, grief and a parent who wasn't on board with romance, which makes it sound a bit sad but when mixed together it creates this beautiful, emotional and heartfelt  film, that would even melt the Grinch's heart.

The film is based on the book Endless Love but there was also a 1981 film. It follows the story of Jade who has isolated herself off from people due to her brothers death, (so in other words she doesn't have any friends) and a boy David who is a hopeless romantic but does have a bit of a criminal record. The film shows how their love develops and the constant battle of a parent's approval. Directed by Shana Feste and starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde this film should definitely be on your summer watch list.

To celebrate the release of the DVD coming out (on June 16th) I created a mood board of outfits and items inspired by Jade.  Jade wears very light colours (nudes, blush, dusky pink and white) which I think are very cute and perfect for Summer.  She often wears quite simple outfits that still look elegant and gorgeous. So here we have skater skirts, gladiator sandals and floaty tops. Jade is a very calm and kind hearted character and I think her clothes reflect that. These colours are muted but would be perfect for festival season, and so easy to pull of and pair with other items.

Endless Love

Endless Love is such a lovely film. It left me wanting to smile, laugh and cry all at once! I really think it's the perfect film to accompany the perfect summer sleep over.  You will be able to get this Monday 16th and it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD. The Blue-ray disc also has exclusive bonus content making it great for a slumber party!

Go grab your copy of Endless Love and your popcorn ASAP!

*The DVD was a PR Sample - But ALL Views are My Own*


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