Exploring Etsy: Print Kitchen

I am always prowling Etsy, and on my adventures I discovered Print Kitchen. A beautiful store that stocks some quirky, colourful and unique prints. These would look on anybody's wall, they're vivid and cute, plus totally affordable with prices at around £9.

Karys runs Print Kitchen and is absolutely lovely and extremely talented, she trained in fine arts and puts so much love and care into each design and print. She designed this gorgeous perfume print for my blog. Putting in four perfumes that I love, including my absolute favourite; Flower Bomb.

The attention to detail in the print is so amazing, from the shading to the little black tag on Flower Bomb. It makes a really lovely wall piece and I have already had some friends say how much they love it! Not only do I have this gorgeous print, I commissioned Karys to make my Mum and future Step-Dad's wedding present, which I can't reveal just yet. Don't want to ruin the surprise. A custom piece consists of 3 prints for £22 and they are totally one of a kind too.

I love this design, and it would be great for any blogger who appreciates art. Karys is so lovely to work with and talk to, she really captures and achieves what you want in a print.

Stay tuned, as you will have a chance to win this perfume print!

*This was a PR sample- but ALL views are my own*


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