Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Shimmering Powder Perfume

On June 13th this  fresh and fragrant summer must-have launches! Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Shimmering Powder Perfume, a limited edition wonder!

The Eau Tendre scent, is floral with a lovely hint of fruity grapefruit, this combined with jasmine and white musk creates a lovely feminine summer fragrance. This is probably one of my favourite scents, it's fun and playful making it a perfect scent for teens and young adults to wear!

This powder perfume comes with a very cute Chanel puff to apply this gorgeous sparkly powder.  It creates a fine pink glimmer to the skin when applied. I found using the puff creates the perfect amount of sparkle on the skin, it catches the light and looks gorgeous. However if a lighter sparkle is wanted, using a blusher brush creates a light shimmer for a much casual summer look.

What's lovely about this is that the scent is as strong as any normal perfume, so there is no need to apply powder and a perfume, the powder is powerful enough by itself. This makes it even better for summer, especially for festival season! It keeps you fresh and adds that sparkle that is always on trend at festivals!

I did find that if things rubbed on my skin the sparkle would slowly wear away, the sparkle roughly lasted for 2-4 hours depending on how active I was, but even after the sparkle had worn away the scent was till there, which I loved as it was gorgeous!

So over all this 25g tub, is perfect for summer, nights out, days in London, festivals, proms and just casual days where you want to feel like a feminine sparkly fairy! This pot will be available for £48 and it's not the only one in this limited edition range. You will also be able to get Chance Eau Fraiche Shimmering Touch (25g) and Chance Shimmering Body Cream (200g).

My arm before the powder
My arm after sparkle!
*This Was a PR sample but ALL vies are my own*


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