The Magical Mystery Tour

Top - Asos || Vest - Next || Shoes - Johnnie B* || Skirt - Johnnie B* || Midi Ring - Lucky Eyes* ||

It's happened, we have actually had enough sun to tan...unless your me then you just stay pale or go tomato's usually the latter. So it really does mean despite the rain now, Summer is so close! It's time to get a new Summer wardrobe!

How cute is this Johnnie B skirt, I do love stripes. I love the blue, it's actually my favourite colour and this blue just screams summer, it mimics a cloud free summer sky! It's the perfect length, still lady like but not too long you boil! It's made out of a quite thick material which I thought might be a bit too hot, on really warm days, but I was surprised on how cool it actually was, it's the perfect fabric!

I paired it with a very simple black blouse from Asos and a white vest top underneath peaking through, the white brought out the white on the skirt and the black just worked well and made the white and blue stand out from it.

I did a bit of purposeful pattern clashing with my shoes and skirt. These spotty sneakers are just too cute, they are so comfy and really go with any summer outfit I have tried with them. The stripes and spots together I think make a very playful combo! What's even cooler is they have a green sole which I just love!

I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to the oufit, and this Lucky Eyes midi ring does just that! It gives it some glamour. Midi rings are really in right now and this one is just so dainty and cute that it really complements the outfit! I was at first so worried that it would slide off my finger, but it stays put perfectly and really goes with everything.


  1. Great post, love the skirt especially. I've never heard of Johnnie B? Where do they stock it?