Sweet Summer Watches

This is my all time favourite!

I have always been a sweet person than a chocolate person, what can I say there is something about the bright artificial colours and E numbers that just really excite me...but that could just be the sugar rush. 

Swatch have a collection called Pastry Chef, and it is the ultimate confectionary wonderland for fashion. These watches are cute, perfect for Summer, practical and fashionable! The are trendy and sleek and help you to be punctual too, what's not to love! They are great for exams too, you can keep an eye on the time whilst in an exam and relax a little knowing you probably have the cutest watch in the exam hall!

They are all in very summery pastel shades, and actually despite their bright colour go with lots of things! I also think it makes the perfect statement piece, and it will really jazz up your school uniform too!

You are probably thinking 'these look pretty expensive.' Well good news, they are totally affordable for us teens, they range in price from £32 to £51 which I think is very good value from a trusted watch brand.

These beauties look good enough to eat! 

Thank you to Swatch for supplying me with images!


  1. What cute watches! It's a pity they aren't edible :(