Finding the perfect foundation is so hard, especially as a teen as your skin is always changing. Sometimes my skin is oily and other days my skin is dryer than the Sahara Desert. I think I have finally found a light weight foundation that really works well with my skin.

In April Chanel launched their new foundation Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect . This is a very light weight foundation that smells so so good, I don't know why Chanel products always smell fantastic, but they really do!
What I instantly love about it is that oil-free fluid, which means it is really great if you have teenage oily skin!

I found it worked perfectly over my primer, and it lasted all day long! Yep it didn't slide or flow off my face at all, which I was really overjoyed by, I haven't had a foundation that stays put all day long before! Me and my Mum are very similar shades, she has even used it, and on her normal and mature skin she found it delightful! This drew me to the conclusion that this foundation is perfect for all skin types as long as you use a primer, making it the perfect foundation for my ever changing skin!

It has soft focusing pigments that help achieve a flawless complexion giving it excellent coverage, it has this matte-velvet finish and gives the skin a bit of a healthy glow too it. I found that it made my skin feel incredibly silky and smooth which I loved. It has an SPF 15 in it which is perfect especially at this time of year, when sun protection is vital!

Priming the skin before is key, I did find that if you had any dry patches and you didn't prime the skin, these patches were highlighted and very noticeable. As long as you prime though this foundation will be your best buddy especially for this very hot weather we are getting at the moment.

I wouldn't hesitate when repurchasing, I have 10 beige and it is perfect for my pale skin, I really do love this! It has great coverage, it's long lasting and smells pretty darn fantastic!

You can buy it for £33, which yes does seem like a lot...but it really is worth every penny! It ticks every single box for me, which is incredibly hard as my skin is an absolute pain sometimes when it comes to working with foundation, it is really helping my hide my exam stress breakouts! This is Perfection!

*This was a PR sample- But ALL Views are my own*


  1. I love this foundation its fantastic! its best on oily normal/combo not on my dry skin though haha tends to accentuate dry parts!

    1. I so agree, but I found that using a good primer on the dry patches really helped!