An Evening With Charles Worthington

So the day started with us running for the train (and I mean running possibly classed as a sprint) where I discovered I am incredibly unfit and I run a little like a chicken, I can definitely cross of runner and athlete off my future career list!
After we did catch the train we headed over to Harrods for some 'girl time' and to visit Pradasphere and Chanel because we couldn't resist our girly temptations! Pradasphere was short but it was so colourful, vibrant and lovely, really worth going to!

before the event we realise we probably should eat. Mum was getting a little excited over Hix and I (as per usual) was getting a little excited about sushi, we settled for Pret because we spent too long looking round shops when deliberating what to eat ( I regret nothing there).

Eventually it was time to head over to Brown's Hotel for The Charles Worthington event. It was in the Kipling sweet, and the vibe was instantly calming and lovely. Green hues in the furniture candles pretty much on every surface and gorgeous white flowers spread about it was the epitome of tranquility.
I felt so privileged to be apart of this very small and intimate gathering of bloggers. I met the very lovely Rachel who I had been speaking to over email along with Marc, Charles and Enza.

The event was to show us their new product which will be launching in July; The Root Concealer!
It comes in four shades light blonde, dark blonde, brown and dark brown. So it covers an incredibly wide spectrum of shades. This product took a year in the making and according to my Mum (who had it used on her roots) it's "Confidence in a can!"

Charles demonstrated on two models, one blonde with dark roots and the other brunette with some greys. After watching him work his magic I was mind blown, it really does conceal those roots, it was spectacular!

The product is designed to get you through those two weeks before your next colour appointment, or if you are going to a party, event or gathering and you are feeling self conscious about your roots. The product seems to be like no other on the market, it's niche and unique and seems to really live up to it's expectations.

They totally spoilt us bloggers with dry hair stylists, manicures and a makeup artist (not to mention the Hix canapes). I had my hair done by Marc the Art Team Director at Charles Worthington. He did such an amazing job with my hair (which was in an awful state as it hasn't been cut for at least 15 weeks). He made doing hair look so easy, he curled then backcombed my hair into this awesome wavy style, it felt a little like having a cloud on my head which I thought was so cool. I have no idea how he does it, if I tried to the same style I would probably end up singeing off my hair! Afterwards it was my Mum's turn to be pampered and get hair done! With her wedding in 4 weeks time they tested out some wedding styles and she looked so good, she became a proper bride to be!

The night was really lovely, filled with good food, gorgeous hair (thanks to Marc), an amazing product and some embarrassing stories my mother managed to tell about me (should have seen it coming)! I will play around with product, maybe attack my Mum's hair and do a review a little later on! First impressions are very positive and I at the moment can't fault it!

It was lovely to chat with everyone, and Charles successfully managed to persuade me to dye my hair turquoise (so we shall see if I chicken out with that venture or not).

The Instant Root Concealer will be available exclusively to Boots in July!

Me, Marc and Mum with our groovy hair!

Me, Charles Worthington and Mum
Charles demonstrating his fantastic new product.


  1. Wow you look like you had such a great time! I am soo jealous!

  2. I have grown up with Charles Worthington. He was the first hairdresser that really did great shampoos for thick hair. As someone with highlighted locks the one thing I hate is roots this could be a great help Lucy