Twins For Peace an amazing brand with never before seen images

It's not very often that I feel so blown away that I am lost for words (an aspiring journalist lost for's rare)! The reason my mind is so amazed is because of Twins For Peace. A truly amazing French brand that does a hell of a lot of good around the world as well as looking beautiful!
These images are from the SS14 lookbook and they have not been released yet, so sit back and enjoy these amazing photos and this amazing brand.

Like I said Twins For Peace do a hell of a lot of good. There is not one good project but three fantastic and beneficial projects.
 Each pair of shoes purchased a pair of shoes will be given to a child in a less developed or Ledc country. This is all part of their amazing "Shoe Project."

If you buy some of their clothes a percentage of the sale goes to help healthcare in an Ledc or less developed country. This was the one that really blew me away, as a geography student I study development around the world and seeing shocking statistics of how many people per doctor there are in certain areas terrifies me (sometimes it can be 3000 people per one doctor), it is so amazing to see a brand helping and lowering this statistic. 

Finally their last project, buying a bag of accessory. some of the money from the bag goes to help fund a child's education. In the Uk and other countries I really believe we take our education system for granted we have access to learn and become some really amazing people and have the possibility to get some pretty phenomenal jobs. People in disadvantage countries don't get this opportunity, and they are just as amazing and capable of becoming some influential and inspirational people, but they don't get that chance because they can't afford an education. Seeing Twins For Peace has really made me revaluate my attitude towards school and learning, I am so happy and speechless to see a fashion brand work so hard for disadvantaged countries and people.

I also really lovely the design of these sneakers for me it's two birds with one stone, helping others combined with some gorgeous shoes and clothes it's the perfect fashion formula.

Twins For Peace do some collabs with other brands (could they get any more amazing?) there most recent is with Mr. Men and Little Miss, I grew up watching and reading Mr. Men, and I am sure quite a lot of you did too, have a look at their site and see the gorgeous designs!

I really hope you feel as amazed as I do, and moved as well. If you live Paris why not visit their flagship store (they are also in Colette.) If not you can buy from their site or check their stockist page.

Be cool, Be Good! (there fantastic motto summing up their inspirational and trendy brand)