The Future Of Nail Polish - Incoco

The first thing I do every holiday is to paint my nails. This usually takes me an entire day due to being a very indecisive and impatient teenage girl. This process involves me painting my nails one colour, then taking it off because I am too lazy to wait for the nails to dry.
I have tried Shellac, which was good on the drying time (as it instantly dries) but I did find after a couple of goes, my nails were ruined! They were brittle and were lacking some TLC. So I found my self back at square one.

Photo From Incoco
Finally, I have discovered Incoco, I really wish I had found them sooner, before Shellac got to my nails.
So what is Incoco?
Incoco is the world's first 100% nail polish appliqu├ęs, they may look like wraps and nail stickers, but they are not! Each strip contains a base coat, colour and a top coat!What I love about them is they go on like wraps, but you take them off like nail polish!

I have been wearing mine since Tuesday evening, and so far there is not a chip insight, and I put my hands through hell (painting, ripping things open and pretty much everything else). They can last up to 2 weeks, and although I have not been wearing mine that long, I can tell they will last for an impressive amount of time. Also with Prom, my Mums wedding and starting 6th form in September (which means I will finally be allowed to wear nail polish everyday at school) I can tell I will be using more of Incoco, how could I not? They basically give you a perfect manicure within the space of 5 minutes. 

Photo from Incoco

So overall, I can put into words how truly impressed and blown away I am with these nail polish strips, they are long lasting, easy to apply and very unlike silly nail wraps which I find catch in my hair and come off in the shower. There are over 200 shades of different colours, glitter and nail art. So if you are like me and rubbish at nail art you can get these perfect effects and looks in minutes, they even do French Manicure strips too!

Sadly I don't think Incoco are in the UK yet (their website ships worldwide though), but I have a feeling they will be over very soon, as it really is the future of nail polish.


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  2. I've been using nail polish stickers for a long time now and I honestly love it! It doesn't chip off easily like the regular paint nail polish. People think that it's just a waste because it could fade easily but it really lasts for weeks and doesn't fade at all! I seriously love it! Pus it's really easy to put on, very perfect for girls who are always on the go.
    xx, Malena

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