Summer Fitness with Nike

Some of you may not know but I actually spent 5 years of my life at a specialised performing arts school, I was on the theatre arts course, but despite me mainly training in drama I still had to do at least an hour and a half of dance a day, sometimes I would be doing 3+ hours a day, this meant I really didn't have to worry about keeping fit outside of school. Since leaving I have kept the routine of not being fit outside of school, and well...I'm unfit, I have gone from being able to run miles to being out of breath after 200 meters!
Being fit is not about loosing weight or burning calories, it's about giving your body the right amount of exercise it needs to be happy, healthy and to be able to function properly. Exercise is really important for teens, your body needs it, especially as we are still growing!

I have been talking to lovely people at Nike, and they have been talking me through some great gear, apps and trainers for teens to use to help get fit!

Nike Free has recently celebrated their tenth birthday, and their Nike Free 5.0 are perfect for us teens to use and get into running. This time their is no excuse to start to run. Currently the weather is lovely and I can only hope it will get better, so it really is the perfect time to start to run. You don't have to instantly run miles, you can take little short trips out (maybe with a pooch if you got one) and slowly every day increase your distance, to help push your stamina! This short and simple activity will really make a difference in your fitness, and all you need are some trainers and you are ready to go, no gym membership necessary!

So why are Nike Free 5.0 great for teens and teens wanting to run? Well firstly they offer support, unlike converse trainers which don't have the support needed for running. They also have some groovy, bright and fashionable colours so you can make a fashion statement whilst exercising. These trainers encourage natural motion to achieve the best running technique, this makes them great for toddlers, tweens and teens! The heel also has a zero-millimetre offset which helps the foot to be closer to your natural stance, this basically means it will be in perfect harmony with your natural movement, like I said our bodies are still growing, and by having a very low heel it really helps make sure our bodies are not restricted. What all these technical fitness words mean is that these trainers are flexible and can grow with us!

I think these are definitely the ultimate summer trainer and you can get yours from here. Stay tuned for more Summer fitness posts from me, as I get fit over these lovely warm summer months!

Here is my favourite design of the Nike Free 5.0


  1. The color of that shoes is so nice! I want to own one so bad :( You have a really nice fashion taste!
    xx, Malena

    1. Thank you so much! They really are lovely shoes! x