EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek at Boohoo's new Prom Range

Today I have a massive treat, I have some beautiful exclusive images from Boohoo.com's new Prom range.These images are not even on the site yet, so they are really exciting, I don't as of yet have a date of when this range will be online, but it's very soon so stay tuned!
Hopefully these will brighten up your day (especially as it looks like the sun has gone in) and they might even give you some style inspiration for your Prom or special occasion, they have already given me some!

Prom's are nearly always in Spring/Summer time which means florals and pastels are always the craze, with these Boohoo dresses you can be bang on trend, but still remain a little unique. The top photo is one of my favourites, the print is very on trend, but because it's two pieces it will give it more of an edge as it's not the typical style. The bright yellow on the dark blue makes a bold and bight statement, by wearing this you are bound to wow everyone!
Wearing a block colour, is minimalist and makes it much easier to pair with accessories, this pink dress above, is simple and elegant but the silver bag gives it a little bit of sparkle and really grooves the outfit up a bit.

This screams elegant and girly! I love it as it's not the usual tulle prom dress, it's basic and gives the opportunity to really experiment with necklaces and shoes (has to be on of my favourites). Also because it's not tulle, it makes it much easier to wear again for another occasion instead of it sitting in the wardrobe gathering dust.

White is not just for weddings! This midi dress will look lovely on everyone, and because it's white it will pretty much go with any colour you pair it with! It's minimalist but sometimes the most basic things make the biggest statement.

Overall, Boohoo's new range looks very promising, I think I want every single dress (sadly I only have one prom though) there is something for everyone, and the colours, cuts and patterns are bang on trend. You will most definitely become the belle of the ball in one of these gorgeous numbers! Like I said these images are not even on the website, but Boohoo do have a section of their site dedicated to prom, the items will be appearing there very soon!


  1. I love a good prom dress shop! Even after I found mine I was on the look out purely because I love looking at all the dresses... I love how untraditionally prom-ish these shapes and styles are - I was so tempted to do the simple dress and piled on jewellery combo myself! great post.xxx