Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paints SS14

You know we are finally out of winter when the new shades of nail polishes come out! What better way to step into Spring, than with Cheeky and there new shades, this new collection is called 'Sugar & Spice.'

As you would have seen from my previous post, I think Cheeky is the Teen equivalent to Cowshed, they are actually all owned by Soho House, so it's no surprise that they are both similar and fantastic! I am a big fan of Cheeky polishes, the brush is perfect, not too wide but not too skinny either, they dry fast and don't chip too easily! They have pretty much nailed it (get the pun?)

So here are two shades from the new SS14 collection. Ice Ice Baby and Disco fever, both very appropriately named and perfect for the warmer seasons. Ice Ice baby is a gorgeous pastel blue (my favourite colour) and within two coats, the nail looked great, the formula is not thick and clumpy but it's not thin and watery either, making it the perfect consistency!

Disco fever; everyone needs a bit of sparkle here and there right? I love the chunky bits of glitter in this, and what it makes even groovier is the glitter is yellow and pink, giving the perfect 60s vibe! It does not chip easily, can be a little hard to get off, but it's worth the struggle as it looks wonderful on the nail! I think I will be wearing this for Prom, it's got glitz and glamor written all over it!

Overall, loving these new shades, they are very pigmented and long lasting. For £7, I think they are reasonably priced, and these shades are perfect for Spring and Summer, a necessity for nail loving teens.

*This was a PR sample- ALL views are my own*


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