Statement Lips with Chanel

Statement Lips With Chanel

Statement Lips With Chanel by teenagebeautyblogger featuring a chanel lipstick

Making a statement, standing out, expressing yourself. It's all part of fashion, outrageously beautiful clothes that reflect your personality are key, but your makeup really needs to compliment the outfit, particularly the lips.

Lips, often associated with lust, and some beautiful poetic words in fact there are tonnes of poems out there focusing on the lips alone (can you tell I am studying poetry for my GCSE?) We use our mouths to eat, talk/communicate, to bite when nervous and to kiss. If you think about it mouths and lips are pretty versatile and important, so we should emphasise them right?

Chanel has some beautiful designed makeup, and their lipstick range is massive! Each has a beautiful and elegant name with simply divide packaging. So to get statement lips I think Chanel must be one of the best bets! Every time I wear a Chanel lipstick or nail polish, I feel confident and girly the colours are gorgeous and the texture and formula is lovely quality. 

To get those lips that 'pop' I have picked out a few colours that will do the job splendidly.

  1. Rouge Allure luminous Satin Lip colour - Envoutante
  2. Rouge Allure luminous Satin Lip colour - Passion
  3. Rouge Allure luminous Satin Lip colour - Deluree
The colours are all so vibrant, there is no way you could go unnoticed! You can get Chanel Lipsticks from many places, but Selfridges is always a safe bet, or if your lucky enough to live near the Covent Garden store, why not pop in there?


  1. I've never had a Chanel lipstick! One day! xxx

  2. I have one! It's lovely quality! xxx