REN - Helping with troubled skin.

We have all had those period of times when our skin is just a mess, and lucky for me that's been happening to me. My skin was perfect for London Fashion Week, not a pimple or spot in sight (phew) but as soon as that glorious and exciting 24 hours was over, my skin started to rebel.
To maintain healthy and flawless skin, you must have a skin routine, it's vital! I have a strict routine that I do every morning and evening to keep my troublesome teenage skin at bay, but even my skin routine didn't seem to combat my skin's rebellion.

I was clutching at straws, I decided I would start to switch my routine around, add things in and take stuff out. To my pleasure my skin has totally cleared up, back to having lovely fresh skin (what a relief). I know I am not the only girl who has experienced a skin nightmare, I figured it be best if I shared with you one of the products that really helped me through my skin's uprising and resistance!

'REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser' is one of the products I have combined into my skin routine. The cleanser helps to fight the three causes of blemishes and spots, which are; excess sebum , build up of dead skin cells and spot and blemish causing bacteria.
It smells amazing, natural and fresh (which is everything I could want in a cleanser). My bottle is 33% bigger which means it's gone from 150ml to 200ml, which is an extra benefit! I found this to be the perfect addition to my routine, the clay texture was very soft and gentle on my skin, and when rubbing it into the skin I found that I could really feel it working, this is because it contains French clay which is used to soak up and get rid of excess oil. After using it I also found that my pores had shrunk which was a very pleasant surprise, after reading the ingredients I found my pores had shrunk due to Mayblossom which helps to reduce the size of pores.
It's suggested you spend 1-2 minutes rubbing this cleanser into your skin, which is exactly what I have been doing since I received it, and so far I have not looked back. My skin looks healthy again, and it even looks more radiant, I am very pleased with the results.

I really do love this product, but like most products there are a few downsides. Firstly I did find that it took a while to really start to see a change in my skin, after the change started to happen it was really fast at clearing my skin all up, but it take longer than expected to start to see results. Also the price is quite high for a teens purse, at £18 I would put it in the expensive price range. Saying that I would buy it again, it really has worked wonders on my skin, it just might take me a while to save.

Overall this was one of the best products I could have added to my routine, it's very gentle on the skin (as it contains Manuka extract which nourishes and soothes skin), but it's really tough on spots and pores due to it's deep cleansing nature. I believe that the results outweigh all the negatives, so I really do recommend getting it. Especially if you are currently going through a skin nightmare!

*This Was a PR sample- but ALL views are my own*


  1. Great review
    Been wanting to try this after reading about it just for the dreaded hormonal time. Want to find this larger size
    Read the mask is good too & serum

    1. Thank you! Both mask and serum are great too!