Coolest Stores - Soto


Having a Step father who travels the world for a living, my head is filled with these amazing stories of stylish and cool stores he has been to. Some I have been to myself, others dreamed about and a few are on my list to visit in the next couple of years. My trips and stories have inspired a series of posts on these infrequent finds.

In the heart of Berlin there is a niche and exceptional store, Soto. Now girls I am sorry to say that Soto is a Menswear store, but that does not mean it is not fashionable, and let's not forget sometimes there can be an incredibly thin line between the gender of clothes and there will never be anything wrong with wearing a mens T-shirt and leggings or sporting some Mens Comme Des Garcons sneakers.

Berlin is naturally a cool city, with amazing history and a Soho house, it is the perfect blend of old and new. Not to mention this city never seems to sleep. Soto immediately has the advantage of being located in my opinion one of the coolest cities in the world.
Soto was opened up in April 2010 by Phillip Gaedicke, where it brought even more culture and style from around the world to Berlin. It's main aim is to present a modern take for a man to dress, evolving fashion as we know it. Soto was taking Berlin by storm, so much so that in 2012 a new store was opened, right next to the old one. This meant all you had to do was to walk a couple of steps from one shop to another to see even more sensational clothes.

It's not just the aesthetics of Soto or even where it is placed that make it on my list of 'The Most Fashionable Stores In The World' it's their taste in brands that also helps contribute to it being on the list. They stock many of my favourite brands, I am talking Band Of Ousiders, Kenzo, Acne, Club 75 the list could just go on and on. All of these factors make it an exceptional store to visit.


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