Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo has a brand new look! Not only do they have a brand new look, they also have a brand new mobile site, so you can get your Lily Lolo fix on the go!

First of all I have to comment on the packaging, it's gorgeous! So simple and elegant, even the inside of the boxes are pretty with  logo pattern lining it! The packaging is very aesthetically pleasing!

I am a sucker for smokey eyeshadow. I love a bit of natural colour with a slight shimmer/sparkle. This mineral eye shadow in 'Miami Taupe' is great to create the smokey eye look. What I love is that it's  in a loose powder, which means it's very gently and lovely to apply to the eye lid. It creates this beautiful and intense shimmer of colour over the lid, natural and bold all at the same time! I love this shadow for school, the only fault I can find in it, is that it's not as long lasting as I would have hoped. It stays put for about 4 hours, after that it starts to smudge into the creases, so if I am wearing it out I always put it in my makeup bag so I can reapply it.

I never leave home with out a black eye pencil, and this one is the one I have been taking on my journeys lately. It is very soft, which I love so easy to apply to my lower lids. The formula is lovely, and almost feels moisturising on my eyes.  It is also vegan friendly which I love, as it means that is lovely and natural! I am totally in love with this pencil, the only fault I can find is that it says it's waterproof, but it does smudge quite easily, I actually prefer non waterproof makeup anyway so it didn't really bother me!

*This was a PR sample-But all Views are my own*


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