Good Shoes, Take You Good Places

Spring is finally here, and it's bizarrely warm in the UK, trust me I am as shocked as you are! Truthfully I was not ready to break out my Spring/Summer wardrobe yet, but I had to take advantage of this amazing weather, so I have said goodbye to warm knitted cardigans and long sleeved tops, and hello to gorgeous, bold and brightly coloured clothes.
Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year, it's bright, hot and what I really love about it is how many butterflies come out (I just love how elegant they are).

Mini skirts are a wardrobe necessity for me, they are pretty much all I wear, give me a bold patterned mini skirt and I am in my element! This paisley patterned skirt is one of my favourites and the skirt I actually wore to fashion week, it has so many colours in the pattern, but it goes with pretty much everything!
My chunky knitted t-shirt is from H&M, I got this in the winter, but it was obviously way to cold to wear it (typical British weather), so to finally break this top in is exciting. It looks a lot thicker and warmer than it really is, but it is perfect for summer! It would also be great for the beach over a swimsuit/bikini!

The title of this post is 'Good Shoes, Take You Good Places' this is because of my beautiful Jeffery Campbell style chunky boots from New Look, which always make regular appearances on my blog, I wore them all through Winter and I will be wearing them all through Spring and Summer too, they really are perfect for all seasons!

Leather Jacket Tk Maxx || Top H&M || Bracelets H&M || Skirt Asos || Shoes New Look ||