Cheeky, The Teen Equivalent To CowShed!

Cheeky is the teen equivalent to CowShed, and it is actually a CowShed product which is owned by Soho House, who own clubs, brands and hotels all over the world (they are just opening a new Soho House Istanbul I believe too). I love the simplicity of the packaging it definitely has a CowShed vibe to it.  Cheeky have a really wide range of products stretching from hair products to nails and makeup. All in a nice budget, not too expensive but not too cheap either, as I always believe the price reflects the quality.

As you can see I have quite a few products to review here, so I will start with 'Kiss 'n' Tell' The Posey Rosey Lip And Cheek Tint. I love a good pink lip colour, and this is divine on the lips, it's bold and bright, and makes a beautiful statement. The quality is lovely, it's moisturising and feels luxurious. I have to say it's probably my favourite lip colour right now! you can see it is also a cheek tint, for me I found on the cheeks it was a bit bright for my pale skin, also I have quite oily skin and I found it a little oily so it didn't really work with my skin. But that's not say it won't work for any one else with more normal and darker skin. This has a retail price of £10.

Next my favourite out of all the products and the one that got me really interest in the brand! 'Matt Demon' Chat Me Up Nail Paint. I love matt nails, and if the name was not cool enough the quality and pure grooviness of this varnish has to be! Who does not like puns right? A clever thought out nail is brilliant. To apply I just wait until the second layer of the colour coat is touch dry, then I apply one layer of 'Matt Demon' it creates the matt effect in seconds and what makes it even better is that is pretty much dries the nail completely so non of that awkward and impatient times waiting for the nails to dry! The brush is of a medium size and is the perfect size to neatly apply the polish. It looks pretty amazing with 'American Hot' another Cheeky nail polish, for the swatches I used my Mum's (shhh She doesn't know that yet)! The polish lasts for about a week depending on what your doing, which for a polish I think is pretty long lasting. It retails for £7, which I can't argue, for such a great effect that lasts it's a decent price.

'Pimp My Plume' Dry shampoo, is a powder dry shampoo. I have never actually tried on that's not in an aerosol can so I was pretty excited to try this. It has a gorgeous sweet girly scent to it (bit fruity and floral) it kind of looks like resurrection/volume dust.When applying I shook the pot and the applied to the roots of my hair. Any greasiness disappeared and my hair was left feeling fresh and luxurious! It smelt amazing and added a lovely amount of bounce and lift to my hair. It lasted all day long too, and the pot was the right size to fit in my bag as well incase  of a hair emergency! It is my saviour when I am in a rush (which is a lot). This retails for £8, and it lasts for ages!

Lately 'Flirt Alert' Body Mist. My favourite body mist ever!!! This sounds silly, but when first smelling it I thought it smelled like hair products and a bit like a posh upmarket hairdressers (which is a nice smell), but when it got to the second spray something changed! I honestly can't get enough of it, it's so fruity and floral! There are hints of citrus, goji berry (which I think is why I thought is smelled like hair products-as a lot of my hair products contain goji berry). I always have it in my school bag and never leave home with out it! It is so refreshing after PE and it lasts for hours too, it is one of the best quality body mists I have had in a long time! Although beyond amazing, for a 200ml body spray the price is quite high at £10, but I think after trying it I would definitely buy another!

To get some Cheeky products you can visit their Shoreditch Cheeky Parlour, to get a little pampered with a range of treatments (I want to take my Mum back there just before her wedding as little surprise). Buy on their website or buy products from Superdrug as they have just launched with them! FYI Their nail colours are so gorgeous, totally recommend checking them out!

*These were PR samples-but ALL views are my own!*


  1. Love the look of that cheek and lip tint and the dry shampoo! xx

    Abby |