Tory Burch

Images from Daily Mail

When it comes down to Fashion Weeks I can be a little picky, this year I have been a little bit disappointed in New York fashion week, don't get me wrong there has been some beyond amazing collections and I do adore the city, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. But here is one collection I do love! 

Tory Burch the 47 year old fashion designer showcased her Fall 2014 collection in the Lincoln Centre on Tuesday. 

This collection was inspired by her childhood and how her parents and grandparents would collect suits or armour, so the theme for this collection has a little medieval twist. I loved the inspiration for this. It had a personal touch plus niche and unique idea. With 'Game of Thrones' having a massive amount of fans worldwide and becoming increasingly popular as a TV show, I'd say the theme is up to date with current affairs too!

What did I love about the collection? The colours! I loved how the muted greys, white and black mix and combine with harsher the looking metal colours of the silver and gold, giving it a very regal feel. The patterns were intriguing to, showing us the past with an exceptionally executed modern twist.


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