#TbeautyblogdoesLFW - Adventuring backstage of LFW

This photo was taken by my friend Phoebe who I brought with me on my adventures!
This photo was also taken by Phoebe!

This is my second post in the '#TbeautyblogdoeslFW' series, and this one is all about my adventures backstage at Freemasons hall. Toni & Guy was so nice to invite me to come see what happens before a show, I got a chance to speak to the head of each styling team, and find out what Label M products they were using to create some gorgeous looks!

Let's start off with Hema Kaul. I didn't get a chance to see the show, but I did see the clothes on the rail, and I was blown away, the fine detail in each dress was just superb. Efi was head of the team, and she had this amazing pink hair, which I was insanely jealous of! There brief was vintage inspired, bust still remaining with a modern element. As you can see in the photo above there are a lot of soft waves, that help to frame the face. Each models hair was pinned into a soft bob and the products used were Label M's volume mouse, hairspray and shine spray, Efi said the shine spray would 'reflect the light' of the cat walk.
I loved this look, how it captures the retro and old look of what women used to do with their hair and the modern element just shows how we have evolved but not forgotten our roots.

Look at the amazing detail on these dresses.

I also had a little time backstage at Ashley Isham, but due to my appointment at Toni & Guy's blow out bar, we had to leave pretty soon. But here are a few photos of what it was like backstage. Although I din't really get much information on this, I can tell you all I will be including him in my Art Gcse book!

We also had the chance to go backstage for another show. There brief was 'Parisian Military Kittens' to make this look every thing had to be straight, sharp and sleek. They used a lot of Label M's gel and hairspray to keep every hair in place.


  1. Great Quality on your pictures! What camera do you use? I am looking into cameras for my blog! :D

    1. In this post there is a mixture of a panasonic lumix DMC-FZ18 (which I love) and a Nikon DSLR camera x