Stars are never sleeping, the dead ones and the living

Scarf-Shuttersong*|| Skirt-River Island|| Boots-Camper|| Coat-Ebay (H&M)
P.s Sorry for the awful hair, it was windy so I had to put it half up, half down.

For starters, bit of a strange title right? Well I named it this, because you all know my love for David Bowie and other artists/bands of that era, and I am writing this post whilst listening to 'The Next Day' so it seems fitting to use a lyric or two from the album.

I love the brand Kenzo, and well this pretty little River Island A-line skirt has that Kenzo appeal and look, with the colours and pattern. It comfy and for £5 in the sale, your really can't argue it.

Some of you may have seen my tweets, I have been wanting a new coat. I was either looking for a pea coat or collar-less coat. This is the exact opposite of a collar-less coat, in fact it has a massive collar! I saw it on Ebay and it was basically brand new, I had to snap it up, and nothing gets me going like a good bidding war, it made this victory that little bit more satisfying.

The boots. I love the dark green colour, it is lovely for all year round. The leather is so soft, and I do love a good knee high/just below the knee boot, especially since I have muscly calves, due to my years of intense dance training.

Lastly the scarf. As you all know I am an ambassador for the app, Shuttersong! I love the app, it brings your photos to life with music! So here is a very soft and warm scarf with the logo on. The app is free to download Click here to get it I really recommend it, it's so much fun. Keep your eyes out, very soon there will be a Shuttersong related giveaway!


  1. Really cute skirt, Mia! Love that you are sharing your outfits on your blog now. :)

    Style Reader