Smiggle Where A Smile Meets A Giggle

Smiggle Is an Australian brand that has just launched in the UK. It specialises in stationary and technology (e.g. Headphones).

When is comes down to stationary I am a total geek! For some reason I find stationary shopping as fun as shoe shopping, and anyone who know me knows that shoe shopping is my favourite past time, after all it was Marilyn Monroe who said 'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!' Anyways (off topic) you can imagine how excited I was when I started to use and test some of Smiggle's stationary! 

I am currently studying my GCSEs I actually found out I only have 40 school days left till I start taking my exams and I received my official exam time table today (I will be finished with school forever on June 19th) but for now this means it's hardcore revision! I am talking posters everywhere, flashcards stuck to my fridge and sticky notes stuck all around the screen of my Mac. Like a lot of students, colours really help make the important bits stand out, which is why these 30 Gel pens are perfect! Filled with smelly, glitter and pastel gel pens, there is no way that the symbol equation for Photosynthesis won't get stuck in my head. I love the smelly ones, not only do my revision notes look amazing the smell it too! I did however find one or two colours that didn't seem to work, but I have a pack of 30 I still have 28 fabulous colours left!

These big chunky headphones are the ultimate accessory for doing my art GCSE exam sketch book. They block out pretty much all sound around me (which is what I need when I am working) and allow me to get lost into the world of music and art. The bass on them is amazing too, there is no nasty tinny sound, only crystal clear music ( The Beatles, Rolling stones, Arctic Monkeys and Bowie with a little Adam and the Ants thrown in there). They are also adjustable which is really helpful if you have a big head like me! I did find that after about 2 hours of wearing them non stop I did start to get a little head ache, but I think part of that is down to my poor eye sight and concentrating too long! Did I mention they look totally fabulous and trendy!?

How cute is this Lolly Pop Rubber!?

When revising I am always in need of LOTS of stationary! This orange zippy pencil case is beyond amazing, I have never seen anything like it! very clever. Although I never know which zip to open, and end up opening a zip right at the bottom allowing all my stationary to fall out - oops!
I always seem to lose my rubbers, so this massive rubber for 'really big mistakes' is great I will never have to worry about misplacing my rubber again! same with this very cute orange Lolly Pop rubber (which matches the pencil case) how could I possible lose something as sweet as this?
The blue calculator and ruler will be perfect for my maths exam and the sharpener is great for everything.
I feel all the above are the necessities of a pencil case, to be truly organised, which is really important at GCSEs. Even if your not taking GCSEs you could still have so much fun with all these bits and bobs! Smiggle have lots of other amazing things, why not have a look at their website.

*This was a PR sample- but ALL views are my own*


  1. Oh wow, I am very jealous! As an illustration student I'm also a complete stationary geek haha. I spent about a million pounds in Hobbycraft this weekend (possible exaggeration!) Good luck with your exams, lovely, I know you'll ace them! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Hannah, haha xxx

  2. hahah I miss smiggle! Im Australian but I'm living in the us for a while:) I can't believe the accomplishments you've achieved! Its really inspired me as a fifteen year old girl too. How long have you been blogging for?:) please reply!:D