Skinny Bags

Lately I have just stumbled across these American gems. Skinny bags. Skinny Bags are fairly new they launched August 2013 by a couple in LA, and they first introduced during LA fashion week. Each bag is made in America from leather that is made in California. These are definitely statement pieces and with the reassurance of being made in the US not China, I am positive they're incredible quality.

What instantly attracted me to these bags are the catchy words on the front, I have never seen bags like it which make them totally niche and unique, and let's face it we all love to have that unique item!!
The bags look very small, but looking at the photos you can fit all your necessary items in them. You can buy a clutch, cross body and even get your hands on a custom one.

Each bag seems to be in very muted tones, which will mean they will go with almost anything and are incredibly versatile  making it a very good investment. What I do love is that it can be worn casually and formally, I find very few bags can do that, so it is very refreshing to find one.

With fashion week coming up so soon, I can imagine a variety of people that could rock the 'skinny bag' look. As they are based in the USA, they don't have much hype about them over in the UK yet. But I predict there will be soon. They ship word wide so you can get your hands on one of these now! I am positively head over heels for them, but the only downside is, they are a little expensive for my teenage budget, they are extremely high quality though!