DKNY Be Delicious


DKNY Be Delicious is widely known across the world, and rightly so. The dark vivid green and apple shaped bottle is hard to forget. The Roundness of the bottle is lovely to clasp in the hand, and I have never seen another green perfume before, I love the fact that it's green in my opinion, perfume should smell good and look pretty, and Be Delicious ticks all the boxes!

As soon as you smell it, it's clear that there is the lovely green apple smell. It's light and fruity, it has the right balance of musk and sweetness which makes it the perfect fragrance to wear anywhere at any time of day. A city girl, a school girl or a working woman could wear this and it would fit perfectly with them, the scent is versatile which I find is rare in perfumes. In the top notes there is the unique and very special American Apple smell, this was created especially for DKNY, so it is going to be hard to replicate this gorgeous scent, making it even more special and niche.

In the top notes contain Cucumber, Grapefruit and White Magnolia, giving the fruity scent. There are hints of Tuberose with White Muguet, Rose and Violet as well as Sandalwood. As you can see there are hints of exotic flowers, fruit and musky wood, that combines and balances on another out.

The scent lasts for hours and is not to heavy, a 50ml bottle retails for £48.00 which for a scent that can be worn by everyone at anytime is pretty reasonable. I personally love it the most after about an hour of wearing it, it's quite fruity once it's just been sprayed but after it has dried and been worn a little, I can't get enough!

How cute are these Cake pops that cam with my package! They look as good as they tasted!
*This was a PR sample- but as always ALL views are my own*


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