DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips

Photo from DHC

My eyes lately have been looking pretty tired, I have not been getting much sleep for a while, so I am always looking a little rundown.  This meant it was the perfect time to try these DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips. They contain Aloe to refresh,  olive leaf extract to hydrate and Soy to firm. You get 6 pouches which contain 2 strips in each, these have an RRP of £6.95

They were unlike anything I have ever tried, I thought they'd be very flimsy and paper-like. They really were not. They had a soft layer of fabric on one side and a cold refreshing gel layer on the other side. The instructions recommend to put them under your eyes for 20-30 minutes after cleansing. I did this twice a week. I have to say when I had them on I felt very relaxed, they were very cooling on my skin.

 The effect after I used them was amazing. My skin felt smoother, it looked healthier and has a slight glow to it that it didn't have before. My skin did feel very hydrated and quenched too, so I was really impressed. Sadly these effects were temporary, it didn't last very long (3-4 hours max) For my skin they did work, but not for as long as I would have liked. I think maybe next time I should try leave them on all night for some intense conditioning, but for a quick fix it just didn't work for me.

Here is me wearing them!
*This was a PR sample-but all views are my own*


  1. These sound great! I received anatomicals version of these in my latest Glossy box and I was intrigued right away. I thought the same that felt really refreshing when on my skin but I can't say I noticed a difference but then again I didn't really feel I needed to use them :P Nice blog :) xoxo


    1. Glad you agree :) thanks for the lovely comment x