When You Wish Upon A Star


Due to revision today, I am afraid it's a little post today, but you have my word, I will make it up to you! I realised I have not done a wish list in ages, so I have put together my favourite things. I am currently saving up for the Fuji Film Instant camera, and I have just fallen in love with these other things.
The Butter London polish in 'Gobsmacked' is something I have been drooling over for months, but sadly I find it really rather expensive, especially on a teen budget I can't justify it! 
I have already picked out sunglasses, yes these RiverIsland ones are my favourite, I love how the round frames give off that retro vibe.
Flowerbomb, ah Flowerbomb! It is my favourite smell of all time, I just can't get enough of it, but again on a teen budget, the price is a little out of my league. 
All the clothes are little bits I have picked out from some of my favourite stores, I love to use the colour red, as a statement, so the necklace and bag are beautiful to me, something I feel will really stand out!


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