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My hair is a little...untamed here!

Shirt-Zara || Jumper-Prada || Skirt-ASOS || Bag-Paul Smith || Ring-Sister Vintage* || Shoes-New Look || Phone Case-Moschino

So the title of this post is a quote, from one of my favourite films at the moment 'The Darjeeling Limited' by Wes Anderson, it's said by the character Brendan.

My grey jumper is a firm favourite of mine for a couple of reasons! Firstly it's by my favourite designer, Prada. Secondly, it's just so darn comfy. And thirdly, it's very sentimental to me, it is my first piece of Prada clothing, and it was also my Step-Dad's first piece of Prada clothing, back when he was in his 20s! So this to me means so much, it does means it's "technically" a male piece of clothing, but it fits beautifully. It also makes it vintage  old, which makes it that bit more unique and special!
My Zara shirt, is something that I got in the sale, I just love the red and blue checks and how bright and vibrant they are. I also actually think there is a similarity in the design to some one of Prada's collections (but I can't remember for the life of me which one-it was recent though).

My Skirt is a wrap around skirt from ASOS, I love it, it fits beautiful and goes with almost everything. I love wrap around skirts and I am now seeing them slowly come into stores more. It's such a beautiful material and so comfy. It's smart and casual all wrapped into one. I used my #ACCESSALLASOS christmas discount code to get it and I am so glad I did!
My scrabble ring is just so cute, a lovely little bit of statement jewellery to add to the look.

Lastly my accessories, both my bag and phone case were Christmas presents, my bag is a vintage/second hand Paul Smith bag (he again is one of my favourite designers) and it was my main Christmas present. The leather is so soft, and it has one of his classic prints  on tubing going along the front. My Moschino Phone Case was something my Step-Dad surprised me with, he knows how much I love the brand, so treated me to this gorgeous phone case to jazz my phone up a little! 


  1. love the outfit! and this bag is amazing! :)
    + you are soo pretty <3

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