Taking Charge with Clear Start

As a teenager breakouts are my enemy. It's safe to say me and them do not get along!!! It's okay though because Dermalogica have come to my rescue bringing out a range called Clear Start. This range is specifically targeted at teens, and for such good quality products it won't hurt a teens purse too much either.

I have been testing the Breakout Clearing kit. This kit contains all but three of their products for the range, although they a traveled sized products I think for £23.50 it is a decent price. The products although travel sized do last for ages, and have the added bonus of being super easy to take around.

What instantly appealed me to this, was that it is all set out for a morning and evening skin routine, which made it massively helpful. It also reassured me, as I never know if I am doing my skin care routine right.


  • Foaming Wash
  • All Over Toner
  • Daytime Treatment
  • Matte Moisturiser.

  • foaming Wash
  • All over Toner
  • Overnight Treatment

I used them in this order. I was surprised to find how gentle they felt on my skin. I often find spot clearing products to be a bit too harsh for my skin, but these were so gentle. I sometimes get spots on my chest, so I tried putting the foaming wash and all over tone on them, and they cleared away so quickly!


It is a brilliant kit, gentle and really does clear the spots away. The foaming wash was easy to lather and smelt lovely and refreshing. It took me a while to get used to spraying the cleanser over my face, as every time I did I seemed to flinch, but after I got used to it, I really enjoyed using it. It was fast drying and just gave a nice feeling on to my face.The daytime treatment and matte moisturiser were similar in texture and smell, and lovely to use. The matte moisturiser was amazing as it also kept my oil at bay. Using the overnight treatment was great, as I would put it on the night before and wake up with visibly clearer skin.
Overall it is safe to say I did really enjoy using it. I did find when I first came to use it, it brought all my underlying spots to the surface meaning I could treat them better and faster and finally get rid of them, but it did mean for the first couple of days my skin did not look the best. Now though I only get the occasional spot.

I sometimes suffer from blackheads, and I found that this didn't really help with them, as there was no exfoliator. To deal with spots and blackheads at the same time I found putting the foaming was on my Konjac sponge, meant I made my foaming wash last longer and get down in to the pores and clean.

I do really love this kit, and you can get your hands on it Here I think I might have to buy the other 3 products in the range, they look pretty brilliant too!

*This was a PR sample-but all views are my own*


  1. I am always impressed with this brand! I think it does exactly what it promises, it's so effective! I've just tried to follow you blog, Mia, but the GFC button wasn't working. I'll try again later! x

    1. I so agree! Awh no I will look into it, thank you though x