Stargazer is a brand that I have always heard about, but never had the opportunity to try. Until now. I have been testing a selection of products from stargazer, and I can't wait to tell you about it all.

Lets start with the nail Varnish, I have always said I was not a big fan of the colour mint, but actually this polish has swayed me, I may not wear it as clothes, but as a nail polish the colour is gorgeous. The colour is number 506, and it is long lasting, nice brush to use too. It remains chip free for about 2-3 days depending on what your doing. I did like it, but it was nothing out of the ordinary, just your average nail polish really.

The eyeshadow was in 'Blue Gold' I did really love the colour because it was blue, but in the light there was a gold tint to it, I thought it was groovy! I would not wear it every day, because it is not the subtlest colour nor is it a natural colour, but as a colour for a party it is great. It took about 3 hours for it to start to smudge and go into my eye crease, so I found it was quite temporary, better for a short night out than a long day.

The Eyeshadow pen was in the colour 'Bronze' it was very interesting to apply, I used it very lightly, I found if you pressed down the eyeshadow was a bit too heavy and little clumps from the nib would start to come off. The colour I loved, great for Winter, and very handy to fit in your purse. It lasted about 4 hours and I did really enjoy using it. it was blend-able, and looked gorgeous.

Lastly the matte lipstick number 209.I have been aware that Matte has been very on trend this season, but I must confess I'm a lip gloss gal! I love a little bit of shine and sparkle, but I was eager to test this, and try something different. The colour was very natural, a light peach colour, which I did love! It lasted for ages too, which I was very impressed with. The matte look, was nice and it did look good, but I found it showed every nook and cranny in my lips, which I was not a big fan off, regardless of that I did really like it.

*This was a PR sample- All Views My own*

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