St. Tropez

I have known to be scared of tan, I have always heard horror stories on how streaky or orange a person goes. I have also smelt that strong fake tan smell too, so I have never really been that adventurous when it comes to fake tan, but this changes now!
St. Tropez instant tan, is a 100ml bottle of tan that has an RRP of £10 which I think is very reasonable, especially because it is good quality.
One of the things I am scared of is the fact I could go patchy, after a couple of showers, but with this tan it will never happen because it will only last for 24 hours. Yes it only lasts one night, which I think is perfect if your a teenager, as I never want to wear tan at school, but maybe for a party, which makes this tan perfect!
I found you didn't need that much tan, for a nice warm summer glow (which is what I liked) but I also found this tan is good for layering, so if you wanted to look more tanned you could. One coat though is great for a subtle look, which is what I used.
I also loved there was no fake tan smell, it actually smelt quite nice!
It really does exactly what it says, it's streak free, gives an even tan and does not run. I love that's it's instant, it is really great especially if your in a rush. It gives the perfect summer glow, it's not too orange, it's a perfect very natural glow. I recommend when applying it, to use a mitt, just to make sure it remains streak free, to wash it off, I used a body scrub, to make sure I got it all off.

So in conclusion, this tan has been so lovely to use, and it's really reassured me about using fake tan. It smells nice, and it looks so natural, I can't recommend this highly enough, of course I have not used any other tan to compare it too, but my experience with this has been lovely! 10/10 
You can buy the tan from here.

*This was a PR sample- but ALL views are my own*

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