I loved perfumes and body sprays, I am always buying them, and I just love finding new ones, and different smells. So...? Is a really great brand, especially for teens they always have playful and young, but sophisticated scents at great prices.

So...? Superstar, has a very fruity smell, with scent of pomegranate, passion fruit and oranges, but still has a touch of floral. I loved it! It was playful and fresh, really perfect for any teen girl, It is great for a casual occasion or even wearing to school, a 50 ml bottle is £10.49 from boots, which is a price you really can't argue. It does not hold it smell that well, I found after about 3 hours I need a top up, but it's a nice shape bottle to have in your handbag, and for such a reasonable price, I don't mind!

So...? Eternal, I put this in my P.E bag as the bottle is thin and a nice shape just to fit in. This has a much more floral tone, but still an element of fruit/citrus, I found this to me slightly more sophisticated than So...? Superstar, it is a more strong smell too! Very feminine and girly, after smelling it again, I think there are hints of vanilla too! It lasts for a nice time, about 4-5 hours before I need a top up and for around £2 for a 75ml can, it is fantastic!

Lastly the So...? Lovely dry shampoo, I am a big user of dry shampoo, I tend to use it even when I don't need, this is because I just like to freshen up my hair, and give it a nice smell! This, has to be the nicest smelling dry shampoo I have smelt in a long time! It is fresh and elegant, and very floral! The smell is lovely and subtle. I have to say though, the dry shampoo is good, but still not quite as good as Batiste, the smell of the So...? dry shampoo is definitely better, but quality whys, not quite as good. When applying it is easy and quick to get rid of any white marks, which I was impressed with, but the effect of the dry shampoo just seems a little temporary, I almost felt like I had to keep topping it up! Even though it had it's downsides, it still is a nice dry shampoo, and the packaging is a lovely, but for £1.49 it is very well priced!

*This was a PR sample-but all views are my own*


  1. I used to love SO...? perfumes when I was younger! Have you tried the pink bottle of Batiste Dry shampoo? It might be a good mix of Batiste quality and floral scents for you :)

    Sarah xo

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