Shift Sensation & The Swinging Sixties

Shift sensation and the swinging sixties

My names Mia and I am a Shift dress addict! Yes it's true when it comes down to dress shopping I go straight to one style, the shift dress! The shift dress was bang on trend back in the sixties, fashion icons such as Twiggy would model bright orange and pink shift dresses, and it seems to me that, the return of the shift dress is here! Okay well to be fair the recrudesce of the shift dress has been happening for quite sometime, but this summer I have seen it erupt! In May 2013 Alexa Chung was seen wearing a white shift dress with black trim, very sixties inspired! In Moonrise Kingdom (one of my all time favourite Wes Anderson films which came out in 2012) Kara Hayward's character Suzy wears a pale pink shift dress with a white collar it looks effortlessly chic and just gorgeous! For me the shift dress is a wardrobe necessity, it can be worn casually or as a formal dress. I have been seeing shift dresses making some appearances on the red carpet!

So what is it that attracts me and a vast majority of celebrities, designers, models and people to the Shift dress? Maybe it's because it comes from an era, that is so famous. The Swinging Sixties. The Beatles were at their prime and Bowie was starting to make it big (I am an avid listener of both). Andy Warhol was still alive and as groovier as ever. The legendary Hitchcock was still alive and his classic film Psycho came out in the Summer of 1960. So it's safe to say for me personally the era has something to do with it, but there are plenty of other reasons. The light pastel  colours of the 60s mixed with vibrant and loud colours of the 60s is something that lights up my eyes. I just can't get enough. 

A shift dress stands out on it's own, you don't need statement accessories, a shift dress makes a statement by it's self, it's minimalist and down to earth. On catwalks and in magazine spreads, shift dresses are put on skinny models, but I find shift dresses to be flattering on many different shapes and sizes, making it an incredibly versatile dress. Lastly the shift dress is readily available, you can find them almost any where, whether it be on the high street (my favourite shift dress is from ASOS-which you would've seen in my last outfit post here) or a high end designer brands such as Miu Miu by Prada, you will always manage to get your hands on one!

What do you think of the shift dress?


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