Sanctuary Spa

Looking after skin is so important especially when it's winter. I have been giving my skin the TLC it needs with this Sanctuary Spa set.

In this 'Triple Moisture Bliss' set you get three of their most loved moisturisers from Sanctuary Spa, each in a 100ml tub. This set has an RRP of £10 which for three 100ml tubs, is amazing!
The packaging is lovely. I loved the bright oranges and reds they use along side the pretty flower design, very cute and feminine.

In the orange tub is the Body Butter. It has a lovely scent, very fancy and comforting all in one. Unlike the Bodyshop body butters which I find are often hard and not very fluid, this has a much runnier texture. I preferred this texture because it was much easier to apply and rub in. It left my skin feeling hydrated and silky. This is an award winning body butter, and I am not surprised. It is such a good quality and my favourite in the set.

The red tub is Cocooning Body Butter. The scent for this is similar to the Body Butter, but this has slightly more sweeter hints, and a possible hint of vanilla too, which I always find to be very calming and relaxing. This one is actually from their 'Relax' range, I applied it just before I went to bed after my shower, I was instantly impressed with how smooth and refreshed my skin felt. I can't really tell if it did relax me or not, but wither way I still really enjoyed using the product and it left my skin feeling pampered and loved!

Lastly is the white tub. The Mande Lular Body Souffle. This sounds professional and beautiful, and when applying it, it glided onto my skin with ease. The smell is similar to the others but has a slightly more sophisticated smell. After using it I found it sunk into my skin very fast, which I liked. I never like using a body moisturiser then sticking to my clothes. It was fast, and worked like a dream. Goodbye Winter skin, hello nourished, luxurious feeling skin!

You purchase this amazing set here  I think the price is amazing, and I enjoyed using each product!

*This was a PR sample- But ALL views are my own*


  1. The wife has these, got them for Xmas and I have to say I like the red tub one more than the other two :)

    1. The red tub is lovely, I am in love with them all!