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London Fashion Week is approaching, and it's approaching fast, this has made me think and look back on the previous LFW, particularly on Label M, the official haircare products. As you all know I love Label M products, as you would have seen for my previous posts! I also love having groovy hair without the fuss and mess of dying it. So I have been putting Label M powder spray in pink to the test.

First off, as soon as it comes out of the can you can see it's not like your normal coloured hairspray. It has a much more chalky texture, it also smells really nice unlike others which I tried. I liked that it had a chalky texture, it's sort of like hair chalk in a can! The pink colour was great not a hot pink, but not a pale pink either, it was just right. I know they would have been able to create some amazing looks at LFW!

Now to the application. It was easy to apply very simple and you don't make a mess either which is an added bonus. I have brown hair, so I must say the colour didn't show up very well. I had sprayed it on some white paper before I applied it to my hair, and there was a very big difference in colour. It was incredibly subtle on my hair, almost like a tint. To get the vibrant pink I wanted, I had to spray a lot onto my hair, this made it go clumpy and sticky, so I was a little upset about that. After trying a bit on my Mum's blonde hair though, it looked amazing, liked it been dyed the pink was bright and perfect and I only did one spray on hers! So I would definitely recommend the product to people with light coloured hair, as it is such a lovely colour on blonde. But for me being a brunette, it was a little disappointing!  It does last right up until you wash it off, which I was impressed with! It is a very good quality product, just not for me sadly, but for lightly coloured hair the perfect product!

You can buy an 150ml bottle Here. For £9.95

The pink is gorgeous, but it just looks clumpy and sticky.

*This was a PR sample-but ALL views are my own.*


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