ASOS-Make It Minimal

So far I am loving being an #ACCESSALLASOS Insider, half my wardrobe is from ASOS, as I find they have such a wide range of clothes and brands, and they're always on trend! This leads me on to the topic of my post, as an insider, I can see latest updates and trends from ASOS! I just had to blog about the 'Make It Minimal' trend, I love it!

I am always a fan of black and white clothing, I love how these juxtaposing colours just fit together perfectly, they pair just like milk pairs with cereal! They create a perfect look for night outs, work and casual days too! For me it has to be one of my favourite trends, it looks sleek and stylish without too much effort!

The photos above are my favourite from all the photos of the trend, I think they're dainty and simple and just darn gorgeous! The black wrap around skirt is one of my personal favourites, I think wrap around skirts are becoming very on trend currently, I am definitely a lover of them, they have an elegant fit, and look simple, this black one would be particularly good for school.
The black bag is another favourite of mine from the photos above, the shape of it makes it very unique and eye catching, and because it's black it will go with almost anything, making it very versatile and a great buy!

What do you think of the 'Make it Minimal' trend?


  1. Oh my god I need that skirt in my life!!


  2. omg, I'm loving that bag!

    1. I love it too, very simple and unique!