Label M

I usually don't really look after my hair, this leads to split ends and just it generally looking a bit dull and flat, but I am a changed teenager! I have changed my old ways, and these Label M products have helped me on the way.  You may have seen Label M in your hairdressers or if you were lucky enough at London Fashion Week, but if you haven't seen them before, then I recommend you check out their lovely site, as they have some beautiful goodies (Click here).

All these Label M products make up my hair routine, so to start off, lets start with the shampoo and conditioner. I lather up my hair with the Gentle cleansing Shampoo, which smells very clean and refreshing, then rinse, it contains Vanilla, Sweet Pea and Currant this helps it to look shiny, and boosts the body of the hair.
Afterwards I apply the Daily shine conditioner to the ends and leave for about 1-2 minutes, I can't quite explain what the smell is, but to me it smells like gingerbread, which is lovely especially at this time of year.
After washing my hair, it smells amazing, and even before I use the finishing products it looks so much brighter and less dull, not to mention the glossy smooth texture it gives me.

When my hair is still damp I use the Sleek Blow Out Cream. I only use a little amount, as you really don't need much at all, and I apply it to the ends. Then I blow dry my hair. This helps my hair dry without any frizz, and frizz tends to be my worst enemy, so this product really is a life saver for me. It really just gives it a smooth elegant finish! I can't quite pinpoint the smell, but it is very fresh and clean smelling which I like. It contains Avocado Oil, Olive Fruit Extract and Acerola Fruit to really make your looks look sleek and glossy.

The last two products I use it the Brunette Resurrection Style Dust and Shine spray, these two products just give my hair a great finish and makes sure it's look luxurious before I go out. I apply the style dust to my roots and gently massage into my scalp, this volumizes my hair and makes sure it's not looking flat, and because it's brunette, even if I hadn't massaged it into my head properly it wouldn't be seen. I also found it's super handy to carry around in a handbag or school bag, so when your hair starts to look a little life less and flat, you just have to apply some more, and you have lovely locks again.

To finish off my hair, I spray the shine spray about 25cm away from my head. To makes my hair look glossy and lovely, and really healthy too.It finishes off everything, which I love. It smells great too, as it contains Bamboo, Fig, Echinacea and Juniper. It also has the added bonus of heat and UV ray protection, what's not to love?

All these products really have prompted me to look after my hair, and take pride in it! They are gorgeous and lovely to use, I highly recommend them!

Mia xoxo

*This was a PR sample-but all views are my own, and the products have been tried and tested by me for review*


  1. You know i love Label M it has to be my favourite hair brand simply because it works really well haha!
    i have quite a lot of the styling products and they are amazing! i couldnt live without protein spray now

  2. Conditioner that smells like gingerbread!! I have to get me some of that :D This is the first time I've heard of this brand. I love discovering new brands through bloggers like yourself. Thank you so much for this review.