HealGel Eye

Photo from HealGel website, I cleverly deleted all my photos on my SD card!

HealGel Eye, is a a special gel, designed to reduce puffiness and wrinkles under the eye, it contains some special ingredients to do this. As a teenager I am not worried about wrinkles, so I did not look at it from that perspective, I looked at it from, how it reduced the puffiness under the eyes. Lately especially since I have had a horrid cold and been having mocks so I have been stressing over them too, this means I have not been getting that much sleep, so I am always waking up with puffy eyes, that need taming. I applied this every morning before I applied my primer and foundation. I found it was really great for priming the delicate under eye area, and it really didn't leave any greasy residue either. It does take a while for the gel to sink in to the skin, but it was very refreshing when it did sink in.
After using it, my eyes definitely had become less puffy, and I did look much more wide awake, it also made me feel refreshed and strangely more awake, I really did like how effectively it worked.
Lastly I loved the packaging, it was very informative it told you when to apply it, and all the information I needed.  I loved the light blue colour, and just how simple and minimalist it was, very pretty.

So overall, I am very impressed with this product. But I sadly don't think it is for the teenager market because of it's price (£32) and also because it is an anti-ageing formula, which teenagers do not need just yet. I think it really is perfect though for adults, my Mum has been using mine, and she's loving it!

You can buy HealGel from Here!

*This was a PR sample-but ALL views are my own*


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