Fudge is an urban and edgy hair care brand, that is great for any stylish teenager and adult. It's funky and is different to any haircare brand I have seen. On every product the packaging is colourful and modern.
I have been playing around with some products and creating looks.

The 'Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray', is great for everyday, I have been using it to hold all those pesky baby hairs in place, and for when my hair is up in different styles. One thing I hate about hairspray is the toxic smell, and how it gets up your nose, but this Fudge hairspray smells amazing! It has a fresh and fruity smell, and every time I have used it, I have had people say how good my hair smells, which I have never had before.
It says 'strong hold' it definitely is strong hold, but it doesn't make your hair feel to crispy or hard, which I really really like about it, it  feels like your not wearing hairspray at all. It's a good sized bottle, and it lasts for ages, as the hold is so strong you don't need to use too much of it. It even has the added bonus of being Anti-frizz, which for me is important, as my hair can have a mind of it's own. A bottle of this is £4.99

Fudge Big Hair  'Think Big Texture Spray' is new to Fudge it was launched in September this year. My hair can either go crazy and frizzy or flat, boring and very fine looking. For those flat days, I have been using this spray, it is a very fine hairspray, that somehow creates a big, full and beautiful boost to hair. It makes it volumized and it's great for school or going out. I have been following the professional tip which is to "turn the head upside down and spray directly at the roots for maximum volume" it has been perfect and you don't get the weighty feel that some volume sprays and hairsprays can give. It kept everything in place, like a hairspray should and left hair still flexible and easy to manipulate into different styles. I can't pin point the exact smell of this spray but I personally think it smells like coconut, which always makes me feel warm and exotic! A bottle of this is £11.95 I recommend it to every one, especially people with very fine hair, as it really gives it a boost.

As some of you may have noticed for the past two summers I have dip dyed my hair, I love expressing myself through the colour of my hair, but with having funky coloured hair does come with some issues, I dyed and bleached my hair way too much, that it became dry and straw-like, this did mean I had to cut all my ends off, leaving me with a long bob. I have vowed to myself never to do dip dye again, but I do miss it.
This is where these amazing 'colour chalks' come in. They are temporary and only last until you wash it out, but they look really realistic. I was so impressed with how easy they were to apply, you literally just need to rub it on the hair and it's done. The amount of unique and colour for looks you can create is amazing too. I was so so impressed with these, they really were great to use, not time consuming at all! These beauties retail for £5.99 and there are 5 colours to choose from these colours are Festival Pink, Pumped-Up Purple, Red Hot Pepper, Electrik Blue (spelt wrong on purpose) and Iced White. I only had one negative about this products, and that was that some of the chalk dust could get on your face when applying it, but once I got the hang of applying it, I was okay, and it was easy to brush off any way.

You can buy these products from Fudge, they also have a look book on the website which is great to look at for inspiration.

*These products were PR samples-but ALL views are my own*

This look was created with the Think Big Texture Spray and lasted for at least 7 hours.
This look was created with the Colour Chalk (in Electrik Blue) all held together with Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray. Lasted for at least 6 hours.


  1. I always see this brand in work and want to try it but I never have.. I might now after seeing this post though! I like the sound of the Think Big Texture Spray so I might give that a go first of all :-) Great post!

    - xoxo

    1. It's great, it's so worth a go! x

  2. I love your hair! I just stumbled upon your blog via bloglovin and absolutely adore it.



  3. love the fudge hairspray it smells amazing! really want to try some of their other products! X